Why MotionCare360?

MotionCare360 is healthcare rehabilitation data technology company that has created a Motion Based Care System™ for improving patient therapeutic outcomes and service delivery.


We digitally enable the rehabilitation process with low cost, simple to implement, motion data solutions for hospitals, clinics and patient home use. With that data we provide data analytic solutions for payers, physicians and managed care entities to manage rehab services.


We create cloud-based sensorimotor exercise treatment therapies for patients of Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, MS and other neurologic conditions and sell this as a SaaS solution for a monthly fee.


Our programs quantify and measure movement. We provide more accurate and less costly patient assessment and improve patient rehab therapy outcomes.


Using the latest research based therapy tools and technology, MotionCare360 delivers results that are measurable, documented and tailored to the treatment needs of the patient as directed by the physician and therapist.